This dynamic CNC duo results in faster cuts, lower production and labor costs and greater uptime. One sawing head does double duty. The saw makes fast, straight cuts and the waterjet cuts complex curves with precision. The diamond blade cuts up to 180 inches per minute. The waterjet cuts up to 17 inches per minute. And with the saw and waterjet mounted on the same head, the change over time is the fastest in the industry.The easy touch-screen interface for the makes the FUSION an operator’s dream. Production is fast, too. The operator simply lays down the material scans a bar code to call up the program, and the machine begins its work. It’s that simple.

DESTINY CNC stonecenter delivers all-in-one performance for maximum productivity. It easily creates precision curved edgework and complex shapes – all in one efficient workstation. It gives operators more control and versatility with easy-to-use touch-screen computer monitor. With fast set up and and a point-and-click interface, the DESTINY is always easy to program. Electronic files can also be imported directly into the Windows®-based control system, and includes a built-in laser template digitizing system for complete at-machine programming and quick editing.

Park Industries Fastback is a high speed flat edge polishing machine, capable of producing beautifully polished edges at up to 12 inches per minute. It has easy to use touch screen controls, non marring rollers and belt, and spindle oscillation that eliminates lines in the finish.


Park Industries Yukon is a high speed automated dimensioning saw. This stone saw is a fabricators dream, with joystick and touch screen controls, up to a 24 inch saw blades, tilt and turn table, and a laser guide projected onto the material.


Whether working in granite, marble or limestone, the WIZARD Deluxe is an excellent radial arm piece polisher. It’s also an edge shaper for inside and outside radiuses. The WIZARD Deluxe also takes the hassles out of coring – even for hard to reach island sinks. The undermount sink processor cuts undermount processing time in half. Provide your clients with the latest in market trends with the drainboard cutter and polisher. The WIZARD Deluxe is truly the one machine that can do it all! Plus, it’s a comfortable machine to use. The spindle arm is balanced for easy handling and stock removal, responding to a light touch by the operator.

The PATHFINDER improves shop productivity and helps control slab inventory. Using powerful Synergy Photo software, it captures precise, fully-calibrated and perspective-corrected images of slabs in high resolution. We use these images to create a visual library of our slab inventory. It can quickly share images with remote offices or even customers. We always know what we are working with before we commit to cutting, and get the most out of each slab by marking unusable areas before they reach the production machine.